Thank you for taking the time to visit Mel O'Drama on the web! Here you will find information on classes, locations and how exactly we plan on 'breaking a leg' together! Taking a course in drama is not just for the extroverted! I have found over the years that the shy child benefits just as much from the theatre experience as the outgoing child, if not more. A teenager faced with peer pressure can use an outlet like drama to create a situation that mirrors real life only to find a positive answer or solution to a question or problem. Learning tools to be more self-confident, self aware and explorative are tools that I provide your child/teen with so that they can integrate into any situation whether it be on stage or off. I truly feel that every school should have this as part of their curriculum as a way of steering our children in a positive direction in life and teaching them that expression is vital in many forms. We are all unique and deserve our moments to shine. I have worked with children of all ages in Ireland and here in the United States and the simple common ground is that kids LOVE to act! So let me provide the stage for their theatrical explorations through fun games, exercises and life lessons learned through this therapeutic art. So ...

Are you ready?? Let's 'break a leg!' 


Our workshop was AWESOME!!

Thank you to all who attended!

Fairies V's Leprechauns! A March Workshop!!



Fairies V's Leprechauns is a workshop we'll hold this March at the Milton Art Center where students can join us for 3 hours of theatre games, rehearsals and a performance! After a brief introduction to theatre through games and fun, each student will be given a role. Mel Gillespie will be joined by local actress and vocalist, Brittany Rolfs to offer a combination of both drama and music in this fun and entertaining afternoon! From warm-up exercises to character preparation, vocal warm-ups to singing songs, students will be ready to perform for family at the end of our workshop!


Date: Sunday, March 13th 12-3pm COMPLETE

Age: 6+

Location: Milton Art Center, 334 Edge Hill Road